GUIDE | The High Desert

A new travel guide just launched on The Reedthe Low Down on The High Desert featuring a whole bunch of our favorite spots in Joshua Tree, Pioneertown, Wonder Valley and Twentynine Palms and a hiking guide from Cold Splinters' Jeff Thrope. I said this in the intro, but the truest thing I can say about the High Desert is that it's loosely defined by its elevation and geography, and while those metrics can help us understand where the High Desert is, it can't explain what it feels like to be in this otherworldly "gorgeous wasteland" favored by artists, astronomers, cowboys, and conservationists. You may have caught a preview of the Jungmaven High Desert t-shirt on Instagram, but if not, this grass green hemp/cotton blend is up for sale now. The New England shirts are pretty much gone, so get these while they're hot hot hot!

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GEAR | Brown Ink x The Reed National Park Stationery Set

The great people from the Minneapolis-based paper company Brown Ink created an exclusive National Park Stationery set ($19) for us at The Reed. It's a handsome set of six letterpress flat cards pressed with vintage blocks on an antique letterpress. The set aims to harness an era when American families would spend their summers touring the country, seeing the continent out of a station wagon window and landing at one of the trusty national parks where they'd set up camp.

UNIFORM | Rudas Leisurewear

By Aja Lake
Summertime is supposed to be all about idle time, right? Long days followed by hot nights followed by the smell of breakfast in the morning. Idle time is something the Brooklyn-based duo behind RUDAS take very seriously, it's the point of focus for their unisex line of robes, lawn jackets, and dressing gowns. Launched this Spring, the collection is American-made using luxury fabrics from Belgium, Japan, and North Carolina. Whether you're lounging at home or half a world away, each piece is expertly constructed to encourage slowing down and enveloping yourself in stylish comfort. You can find RUDAS online, in Amagansett, and all summer-long at The Pennyweight Pop Up in Nashville.

UNIFORM | Pilgrim Women's Debut Collection

I'm a sucker for independent surf labels—the Mollusks, Birdwells, and Almonds of the world—because I feel like they are the brands that are nailing today's surf lifestyle in an authentic way and are starting to fill in for the big surf apparel companies that have completely lost touch with any kind of real surf culture. Pilgrim Surf + Supply has always been a label I've admired from afar. They're based in New York (funnily enough, I've been to their Beams pop-up shop in Tokyo but neither of their US locations) with a shop in Brooklyn and Amagansett and continue to do churn out quality and cool. Today marks the launch of their first ever women's collection which is American-made and wonderfully simple and casual. I'm sold.

UNIFORM | Summer Weekends

Memorial Day weekend is a common sartorial indicator of when to break out the summer colors (although we've always believed in white all year round!), but it's also around the time when the aroma of charcoal BBQs start to fill your day and the sun shines longer into the night. Here are a few picks from The Reed to celebrate and gear up for the greatest season of the year.

Lifeguard Hat ($24); Armor Lux Passarele Fair Trade Marinere ($125); N'East Paper Lobster Notecard ($4.50); Joshu+Vela Key Hook ($35); Vintage Nantucket Beaded Souvenir Belt ($46); Chambray and Indigo Bandana ($65); Drawstring Camp Shorts ($125); Joshu+Vela Canvas Boat Tote ($265).

GEAR | Solid Denim by Mosevic

Have you ever liked a pair of jeans so much that you wanted to wear them on your face? No? Just me? OK, well, regardless of next level denim-face interactions, the technology being utilized by the UK brand Mosevic to make a hard solid from our beloved textile is pretty unreal (when you click here you get a visual of how layers of denim are infused with resin). They call it solid denim, and have spent the last four years perfecting the process. Right now they're raising funds on Kickstarter, but soon, hopefully this summer, they'll be putting denim on your face. Solid. 

MOMENT | Summer Road Trips

As part of an ongoing series on The Reed, we're creating travel guides for destinations all over the world. The first two to launch were a road trip from Boston to Mid-Coast Maine and an Escape to Santa Fe. The idea of the guides is to point out some of the most distinctive and unique spots that help define a place and let you get a real taste of something the destination has to offer, maybe that's an ice cream cone or a spiced hot chocolate, maybe it's a rug shop or the L.L. Bean HQ in Freeport.

The next two guides will launch in just over a week, but I wanted to see if any of you guys were planning road trips this summer or if you've gone somewhere over the summers that you just can't get enough of!

Along with the guides we produced American-made Jungmaven t-shirts ($39) that are super classic and super soft for each destination (New England and New Mexico). We wanted the shirts to be like your favorite summer camp shirt or college tee. Hope you guys enjoy 'em and we'll let you know when the next two travel guides drop!

UNIFORM | Victor

It feels like one fashion trend that may define this decade is well-made basics—that perfect white t-shirt, grey crew neck, and navy hoodie are dominating our closets. Victor Athletics, a new Cinncinnati-based label (from the guys behind Nobel Denim) are churning out the exact pieces we're all craving without the ridiculous price tags. They're not only trying to create quality clothing but earnestly aiming to revitalize micro economies by employing American factories to make their goods. Check out that story here. Victor is now taking pre-orders for their first shipments in July.

GIFTS | Mother's Day @ The Reed

Mother's Day is on Sunday! I'm not saying I forgot, because I know my mom reads this (hi Mom!), but let's just say I didn't know it was this Sunday. So, OK! Guys! If you order a  *SIGNED* Tomboy Style book ($32) for mom (you can customize the note online) by Thursday at noon PST and enter the code MOMTOM at checkout, it'll ship for free (in the US) and we'll throw in a N'East Paper notecard! The first person to use the code will also get a Joshu+Vela Japanese Brass Key Hook. What!?

Done and done.

WORD | Snapshots of Dangerous Women

Last week my friend Dana gave me the new book Snapshots of Dangerous Women by Peter Cohen. What a collection of photographs! The author spent decades (decades!) combing through estate sales and flea markets building a collection of found photography of women who are taking part in unconventional activities (for women, and especially for the time), like boxing, swigging booze, shooting rifles, or just have a certain rebellious gaze. If the dangerous label seems patronizing or makes you scratch your head a bit, think about the lens that these women were viewed through 60-80 years ago—not dangerous, but definitely "dangerous".


Hello! The Reed is here! Part blog, part store, and part travel site, I hope you enjoy the new destination of not only this blog, but the other elements of the site as well. I will work to grow and perfect this new venture organically, but it is just the beginning and that means some items are in extremely limited supply. Please bear with The Reed's fledgling state—inventory will get deeper and hiccups will be more infrequent as time goes on and we get in the groove.

Thank you so much for being patient with this transition and being a part of The Reed as it launches! There's some really exciting things coming down the pipeline too, can't wait to share it all!

Please let me know what you think once you're there...or here!


WORD | California Surfing and Climbing in the Fifties

Last night at a dinner party I was given the book California Surfing and Climbing in the Fifties ($32). It came out a year and a half ago but I had never seen it. This is a special book in that it's not just capturing an aesthetic of an era or a niche sport's golden era—although it does that really well, it tells a story about Americans in the 50s. Yvon Chouinard, one of the book's three authors, said it so well in his intro:

"The fifties were easy years in California. With full employment from the Korean War, we were enjoying all the fruits of the fossil fuel culture. Gas was a quarter a gallon, used cars could be bought for twenty-five dollars, campgrounds were free, and you could easily live off the excess fat of society. Those of us in the countercultures of climbing and surfing were, as climber Peter Sinclair said, the last free Americans."